Selena (TYTAN)

TYTAN, a Selena brand, is a global manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of construction chemicals for professional contractors and home users. The Selena Group is comprised of 30 subsidiary companies and state of the art manufacturing plants which produce expandable polyurethane gun foams, sealants, adhesives, insulation systems and waterproofing materials.

The products and literature listed are a sampling of some of the materials that Titan stocks for customers. If you don’t see the item you are seeking or have further technical questions please contact Titan through our "Contact" page on the website or by calling 574-970-8425. We look forward to our interaction.




Gun Foam

Product Inventory ID TDS SDS
TYTAN 00799 Foam Cleaner, 12 oz., 12 per case TYTAN-00799 Download Download


Expandable Spray Foam


Product Inventory ID TDS SDS
TYTAN 00108-GUN Graphite Gun, Teflon Coated 8", 20 per case TYTAN-00108-GUN

Single Component Adhesives

Construction Adhesive

Sub-Floor Adhesive

Product Inventory ID TDS SDS
TYTAN Subfloor PRO Collapsing Gel, 29oz Cartridge, 12 per case TYTAN-00144 Download Download

Spray Foams & Contact Adhesives

Expandable Foam

Gun Foam

Product Inventory ID TDS SDS
TYTAN 04850 Outdoor & Auto PRO Insulating Foam Sealant, Black UV Protection, 24 oz., 12 per case, 60 cases per pallet TYTAN-04850 Download Download