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“The goal from day one was to create a company that offered world-class bonding and sealing solutions. Every day since has been spent relentlessly pursuing it!”

– Tobin Goode, President –

In 1997, Tobin Goode was working for an automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier of molded and extruded products, when his employer asked him to move to the Granger, Indiana area. Accepting the challenge to start a new territory, Tobin agreed to move from his life-long Grand Rapids, MI home. He quickly noticed the huge concentration of RV, Trailer and Component Manufacturers in the area. His entrepreneurial and technical nature led him to study, inquire and develop rapport with engineers throughout these markets. What he learned over the next several years would change his life.

In 2000, Tobin started asking these engineers one main question, “what is the one thing that is going to change the industry and make it different moving forward?” Without hesitation, they all told him fewer screws and fasteners, and more adhesives and tapes. He immediately started to educate himself on these technologies, who manufactured these materials and who was supplying the industry. What he found were companies who sold adhesives and tapes had minimal technical understanding of the products and/or the process. Armed with this knowledge, Tobin felt there was an industry need for a resource with strong technical know-how.

“Titan strives every day to deliver the most Durable and Repeatable Bonding and Sealing Solutions to each and every customer.”

– Tobin Goode, President –

In 2002, his entrepreneurial spirit couldn’t be held back any longer. At the young age of 29, with one young child at home and another one on the way, he quit his job, and started TITAN Sales & Consulting. Using the “Amway plan” Tobin set up shop in his living room and garage. In the beginning growth was imperative, Tobin spent his time hitting the phone, knocking on doors, studying products, finding suppliers and listening to anyone who would discuss their issues. Although the first few years were lean, Tobin never wavered from his initial plan to become the most technical, process focused Bonding & Sealing resource to the RV and Trailer manufacturing markets.

It wasn’t long though before some key industry figures took notice of Tobin’s talents and the business took off. Fast forward to now, TITAN had moved six times and as of 2015 built a brand new 2.4 million cubic foot corporate facility. TITAN has also grown from one employee to 25 employees and has implemented many technology based tools to further enhance each customer’s experience with TITAN. In addition, each employee at TITAN is carefully selected and trained to ensure that, when chosen, TITAN can deliver Bonding & Sealing Solutions with repeatable customer success.

“Selling a product is one thing, helping create positive change is Titan’s thing.”

Titan Timeline


  • Started TITAN using home for office and warehouse
  • Secured first Key Suppliers and Customers


  • Hired first outside salesperson and inside support help


  • Moved to 2,500 sq ft. facility


  • Moved to 6,000 sq ft facility


  • Added the first information infrastructure and website


  • Purchased first tape slitter and started a converting operation
  • Moved to 10,000 sq ft facility


  • Brought flashing tape technology from window industry to RV production
  • Purchased the second and third tape slitters for increased sales volume


  • Purchased 60 ton die cut press machine and laminator for converting operation


  • Added the fourth and fifth tape slitter to expand capacity


  • Purchased a new information infrastructure to better serve the growing needs of the company and connectivity for the growing outside sales staff


  • Created die cut programs for RV accessory packages


  • Implemented adhesive drum press lease program
  • Began Private Label Adhesive (Adhesion Products) and Tape Lines (Anaconda Tapes)


  • Purchased a narrow isle fork lift system to increase warehouse usable space by 40%
  • Joined NATM Association


  • Built a 2.4 million cubic foot warehouse, production facility, testing lab and corporate offices
  • Replaced propane based forklifts with electric fork lifts to increase efficiencies and improve warehouse cleanliness and air quality
  • Implemented the third information infrastructure to increase efficiencies


  • Added Sixth and Seventh Tape Slitting Machines to production floor
  • Implemented new ERP & MRP Systems
  • Warehouse Pick System
  • New bar code inventory system
  • Enhanced Inside Sales/Customer Service Team
  • Developed and launched new Trailer Roof Sealing Adhesive


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