Titan Crafts The

Most Durable Bonding
& Sealing Systems

For Enclosed Trailer Construction

steel & aluminum trailers
  • Utility
  • Horse
  • Concession
  • Race
  • Command Center
  • Living Quarters

Permanent Leak-Free
Roofs are Easy

With Titan Roof Sealing Systems

  • All TITAN roof seal chemistries have over a decade of proven water sealability
  • TITAN has sealed over one million trailer roofs and counting
  • TITAN provides free roof design and application analysis
  • TITAN offers dispensing equipment programs
  • All TITAN roof seal products have been extensively lab and field tested for:
  • Metal adhesion strength
  • Environmental durability
  • Ease of application repeatability

Titan’s Bonded and Sealed Enclosed Trailer Systems

Beat Screwed and Other
Bonded Methods Every Time

Durability Build Speed Longevity Warranty Reduction

Trailers built with a Titan Bonded and Sealed System

Are the Best Built Trailers, Period!

From 22 °F to Extreme Heat in Minutes

3’ Corner Bounce Test

Extensive Lab, Plant and Road Testing


No Panel or Seam Pops

Build Trailers Up to 30%
Faster And Lower Costs

  • Lowest Prep of ANY bonding system
  • BEST One component adhesive engineered specifically for trailer panel bonding
  • System designed to produce more trailers without adding personnel
  • System eliminates sheet scrap due to damage from screw slips
  • Easy to Repair

Achieving Repeatable Success
Through Titan’s Bonding
& Sealing Programs

  • Experience building over a hundred thousand bonded and sealed trailers over the last decade plus
  • Collaborating with leading global adhesive manufacturers to craft our bonding and sealing systems
  • Extensive lab and field testing of our solutions
  • Creating new designs and better application methods through hands-on research
  • Conducting proper analysis before we build

Titan is your Complete Resource
For all bonding & Sealing Technology

All types of trailer adhesives, tapes and seals.

TITAN knows Bonding and Sealing inside and out.

The most experienced Bonding and Sealing team for trailers.

Unmatched Bonding and Sealing results.

It’s Easy to Work with Titan

Over $2 million in Bonding and Sealing inventory in Stock
New 24/7 online order entry and tracking system (coming Q2 2018)
Free Bonding and Sealing plant audits
On-site operator training included

Since 2014

NATM Trade Show Exhibitor

February 21st to 23rd, 2018
Forth Worth, TX

Booths 915, 917, 919

Come see us and learn why TITAN’s Bonding and Sealing Solutions are More Durable, Increase Output and Create Repeat Customers.

Committed to NATM

Marketing and Convention

  • Associate Member
  • Trade Show Exhibitor
  • Marketing Committee Member
  • Convention Committee Member
Technical Workshop Presentation

Presented by:

Tobin Goode – Owner

Bill Bushman – VP of Marketing and New Product Development

When:  Wednesday, Feb. 21st 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Where:  30th NATM Convention


Building Better Enclosed Bonded Trailers; Going beyond the right adhesive to achieve exceptional results


  • A look at why enclosed trailer manufacturers struggle to consistently build trouble free bonded trailers
  • An introduction of a new manufacturing concept that will eliminate bonded trailer popped seams
  • Learn how to set up a Bonded Trailer Plant that can enhance durability, increase overall productivity and improve the bottom line


Sausage Pack

5gl Pail

55gl Drum


Expandable Foam

Tape Rolls

Spray Adhesive


Two Part Cartridge

Trailer Technology

Single Component Sealants

Anaerobic Threadlockers
Butyl Sealants
Polyurethane Sealants
Silicone Sealants
STP / MS Polymer Sealants

Single Component Adhesives

Construction Adhesives
Hot Melt Adhesives
Polyurethane Adhesives
STP / MS Polymer Adhesives
Wood Glues

Tape Products

Aluminum Foil Tapes
Anti-Slip Tapes
Butyl Tapes
Conspicuity Tapes
Duct Tapes
Electrolysis Tapes
Film Tapes
Flashing Tapes
Foil Backed Sealant Tapes
High Bond Acrylic Tapes
Masking Tapes
Neoprene Foam Tapes
Polyethylene Foam Tapes
Protective Tapes
PVC Foam Tapes
Roof Sealing Tapes
Sealing Tapes
Spark Deflection Paper
UHMW Film Tapes
Woven Tapes

Two Component Adhesives

Epoxy Adhesives
Silicone Adhesives
STP / MS Polymer Adhesives
Structural Acrylic MMA Adhesives
Urethane Adhesives

Spray Foams & Contact Adhesives

Contact Adhesives
Expandable Foams

Dispensing Equipment

Canister Spray Equipment
Cartridge Ovens
Dispensing Guns
Sausage Tips
Static Mixers

Primers & Promoters

Adhesion Promoters
Tooling Agents

Cleaners & Removers

Adhesive Removers

Foam, Plastic and Rubber Extrusions

Edge Clips
EPDM Sponge Profiles


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