The Foremost Technical
Bonding & Sealing Asset

For RV Construction

Crafting Solutions From
  • Adhesives
  • Tapes
  • Seals

Titan Designs Bonding & Sealing
Solutions Right The First Time

All Recreational Vehicle Types

  • Eliminate Moisture Intrusion
  • Create Proper Bonds
  • Slash Warranty Issues
  • Increase Throughput
  • Craft Innovation

Bonding & Sealing Isn’t
An Afterthought,

It’s Titan’s Only Thought

  • Extensive Lab and Field Testing Behind Every Solution
  • Team with over 100 years of Hands-On Bonding & Sealing Experience
  • 15 year track record of solving the RV industry’s most difficult Bonding & Sealing Issues
  • Over $2 million in Bonding & Sealing Inventory in Stock
  • TITAN solutions are on over half a million RV’s and counting


Sausage Pack

5gl Pail

55gl Drum


Expandable Foam

Tape Rolls

Spray Adhesive


Two Part Cartridge

No Matter The Tolerance,
Titan Can Seal It Watertight

Exterior & Interior Sealing

  • Introduced Swirl Free PVC Foam for RV Window Seals eliminating leaks
  • Created Mylar Butyl Product for Trim Assembly improving seal and eliminating scrap
  • Provide Sealant Color Matching
  • Brought Self-Sealing Tape to RV Market to solve frame corner leak issues
  • Introduced Die Cut Gasket Seal Packages by RV Platform
  • Corner Trim Seals
  • Sealants
  • EPDM Rubber Sponge Seals
  • Closed Cell Foam Tapes
  • Expandable Foams
  • Insulation

Watch Your Warranty Costs Dissipate

Titan Creates Lasting Bonds

  • Adhesives: One Part, Structural, Contact, Foam
  • Most Diverse Bonding Chemistry Options
  • Technology Review and Design Assistance Support
  • Technical Training of Operators
  • Expert Bonding of Wood, Metal, Plastic, Glass & Rubber Substrates
  • Custom packaging options
Anyone Can Offer A Product Titan Delivers Repeatable Results

Titan Opens Up Your RV Design with Direct Glazing

Window Glazing Options

  • Front Cap Window
  • Rear Picture Window
  • Side Wall Windows
  • Motorhome Windshields

Direct Glazing Benefits

  • Glass can absorb some of the torsional body loadings increasing rigidity and strength
  • Expansion of engineering and design freedom
  • Aerodynamic and aesthetically styled flush glazing possible
  • Improved water resistance
New Design Possibilities Aerodynamic Look Innovation Increased Strength

Recreational Vehicles Technology


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