The Foremost Technical
Bonding & Sealing Asset

For RV Construction

Crafting Solutions From
  • Adhesives
  • Tapes
  • Seals

Titan Designs Bonding & Sealing
Solutions Right The First Time

All Recreational Vehicle Types

  • Eliminate Moisture Intrusion
  • Create Proper Bonds
  • Slash Warranty Issues
  • Increase Throughput
  • Craft Innovation

Bonding & Sealing Isn’t
An Afterthought,

It’s Titan’s Only Thought

  • Extensive Lab and Field Testing Behind Every Solution
  • Team with over 100 years of Hands-On Bonding & Sealing Experience
  • 15 year track record of solving the RV industry’s most difficult Bonding & Sealing Issues
  • Over $2 million in Bonding & Sealing Inventory in Stock
  • TITAN solutions are on over half a million RV’s and counting


Sausage Pack

5gl Pail

55gl Drum


Expandable Foam

Tape Rolls

Spray Adhesive


Two Part Cartridge

No Matter The Tolerance,
Titan Can Seal It Watertight

Exterior & Interior Sealing

  • Introduced Swirl Free PVC Foam for RV Window Seals eliminating leaks
  • Created Mylar Butyl Product for Trim Assembly improving seal and eliminating scrap
  • Provide Sealant Color Matching
  • Brought Self-Sealing Tape to RV Market to solve frame corner leak issues
  • Introduced Die Cut Gasket Seal Packages by RV Platform
  • Corner Trim Seals
  • Sealants
  • EPDM Rubber Sponge Seals
  • Closed Cell Foam Tapes
  • Expandable Foams
  • Insulation

Watch Your Warranty Costs Dissipate

Titan Creates Lasting Bonds

  • Adhesives: One Part, Structural, Contact, Foam
  • Most Diverse Bonding Chemistry Options
  • Technology Review and Design Assistance Support
  • Technical Training of Operators
  • Expert Bonding of Wood, Metal, Plastic, Glass & Rubber Substrates
  • Custom packaging options
Anyone Can Offer A Product Titan Delivers Repeatable Results

Titan Opens Up Your RV Design with Direct Glazing

Window Glazing Options

  • Front Cap Window
  • Rear Picture Window
  • Side Wall Windows
  • Motorhome Windshields

Direct Glazing Benefits

  • Glass can absorb some of the torsional body loadings increasing rigidity and strength
  • Expansion of engineering and design freedom
  • Aerodynamic and aesthetically styled flush glazing possible
  • Improved water resistance
New Design Possibilities Aerodynamic Look Innovation Increased Strength


RV Products

Single Component Sealants

Anaerobic Threadlockers
Anti-Wick Sealants
Butyl Sealants
Polyurethane Sealants
Silicone Sealants
Solvent-based Sealants
STP / MS Polymers

Single Component Adhesives

Construction Adhesives
Hot Melt Adhesives
Polyurethane Adhesives
STP / MS Polymer Adhesives
Urethane Adhesives
Wood Glues

Tape Products

Aluminum Foil Tapes
Anti-Slip Tapes
Bottom Board Tapes
Butyl Coated PVC Foam Tapes
Duct Tapes
Electrolysis Tapes
Flashing Tapes
Foil Tapes
Glass Cloth Tapes
High Bond Acrylic Tapes
Masking Tapes
Neoprene Foam Tapes
Paper Tapes
Polyethylene Foam Tapes
Protective Tapes
Putty Tapes
PVC Foam Tapes
Roofing Tapes
Sealing Tapes
Spark Deflection Paper
Transfer Tapes
UHMW Film Tapes
Urethane Foam Tapes
Vinyl Tapes
Woven Tapes

Two Component Adhesives

Acrylic Adhesives
Epoxy Adhesives
Polyurethane Adhesives
Silicone Adhesives
Solid Surface Structural Adhesives
Structural Acrylic MMA Adhesives

Foam, Plastic & Rubber Extrusions

Bottom Board Clip
Bus Channels
Edge Clips
EPDM Sponge Profiles
Rubber Wipes
Rub Rail / Screw Cover
RV Cap Seal
RV Corner Cup

Dispensing Equipment

Canister Spray Equipment
Cartridge Ovens
Dispensing Guns
Sausage Tips
Static Mixers

Die Cuts

Anti-Slip Materials
High Bond Acrylic Materials
PVC Foam Materials

Spray Foams & Contact Adhesives

Contact Adhesives
Expandable Foams

Primers & Promoters

Adhesion Promoters
Tooling Agents



Cleaners & Removers

Adhesive Removers


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