Anaconda Tape

Anaconda Tape is a TITAN brand consisting of a variety of different tape products. Titan collaborates with the research and development teams of regional, national and global adhesives manufacturers to enhance a core technology or innovate a new technology necessary to meet the demands of our customers. Our Anaconda line of tape products includes High Bond Acrylic Tapes, Anti-Slip Tapes, Butyl Tapes, Conspicuity Tapes, Flashing Tapes, Non-Slip Tapes, PE Foam Tapes, PVC Foam Tapes, Roof Tapes, Sealing Tapes, Protective Films, and many other types of tape. Titan utilizes our eight slitting machines to cut each product to any width necessary to meet our customer’s requirement. By converting most tapes in-house Titan can better control inventory, scrap and overall costs to ensure our solutions work right and are competitively priced. Titan also has two die press machines to stamp out seals from many of these technologies as well.


PVC Foam Tapes

The products and literature listed are a sampling of some of the materials that Titan stocks for customers. If you don’t see the item you are seeking or have further technical questions please contact Titan through our "Contact" page on the website or by calling 574-970-8425. We look forward to our interaction.